It was in the fall of 1906 that the erection of the first St. Ann's Church  was begun under the supervision of Fr. Bernard Arnold, O.S.B. The church was  completed in the spring of 1907 at a cost of $3,800.00 At this time, there were  approximately two hundred souls in the parish.   It was also in 1906 that St. Ann's became a mission and was taken care of by  the priests from Richardton.   It was not until July of 1924 that St. Ann's parish had its first resident  priest, Fr. George Keim, O.S.B.   Also in 1924, St. Peter and Paul Mission was attended from here.  The parish was taken over by the Fathers of the Most Precious Blood in  1925.  In 1943 the parish was taken over by the diocesan priests.  Rev. Lawrence J. Hereth came here in July 4, 1944.  In the spring of 1949, St Ann's parish had outgrown the church, and it was  decided that the parish should build a new church. On Easter Monday April 18,  1949, the demolition of the old church began.   The parish has engaged William Kurke to build one of his monolithic concrete  churches. Carl Bingert was the general contractor and carpenter for the job.    During the construction of the new church, the congregation held services at  the funeral home.   On December 25, 1949, Midnight Mass was celebrated in the basement of the new  church. On March 22, 1950, the cornerstone was laid by Fr. Hereth.   On October 14, 1951, an open house of the church and rectory was held. Two  days later, on October 16, the church was dedicated by the late Most Reverend  Vincent J Ryan.   As the church was nearing completion, the parish received a bequest from Mrs.  Nonie Hollst in the amount of $100,000.00. Due to the generosity of Mrs. Hollst,  the new parish church was debt-free. It was consecrated by Bishop Lambert Hoch  in 1953.  Father Hereth received a leave of absence in August of 1973, and passed away  the following year.  Father Gerard Finnegan came to St. Ann's and was the pastor until his own  retirement in September of 1979.   In the late 1970's, the Benedictine monks of Richardton began staffing St.  Ann's again. St. Ann's was staffed by Father Thomas Jundt. He served St. Ann's  for one year, until his death November 11, 1980. After his death, our parish was  ministered by various priests from the Abbey temporarily.  In June of 1981, Father Benedict Pfaller, O.S.B. filled the position.   In 1983, St. Peter and Paul Mission, south of Hebron, was closed. That same  year, St. Clements Church of Haymarsh became a mission of St. Ann's.   In 1985, the city of Hebron celebrated it's 100th anniversary. A new roof was  added to the church this year.   Father Ben passed away in April of 1995  On August 1, 1995 Father Francis dos Remedios, O.S.B. came to our parish.  In December of 2000, St. Ann's parish began a fund raising drive to bring our  church building "up to date" A Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on August 26,  2001  Features of the project included an elevator, handicapped restrooms and a  large gathering space.  The space also houses the bookstore. The focal point of this space is a stone  gotto containing a Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. This statue was donated in  memory of Joe and Viola Wanner and John and Mary Ann Wanner.  Funds were raised by various community events. However, the majority of the  money needed was raised through donations from past and present parishioners and  from friends of the parish. In addition, the parish also received large  donations from Bela and Margaret Nemecz and Dr. Francis Weyrens.  The total cost of the project, which was completed in early 2002, was  $260,000.   Bishop Paul A Zipfel dedicated our new addition on March 15, 2002.   In 2002, it was decided to cluster St. Ann's Church with Sacred Heart. The  following year, Father Francis retired to the Abbey and the clustering with  Sacred Heart became "official". St. Ann's was then served by Father Sebastion  Schmidt, O.S.B.  In the late 2005, a bequest was received from the estate of Irwin Kastner. A  vote was taken in the parish and it was decided that air conditioning would be  installed in the main body of the church. The project was completed and paid for  in the spring of 2006.  On November 5, 2006, St. Ann's celebrated it's 100th Jubilee. Mass was  celebrated by The Most Reverend Paul A. Zipfel.   In July of 2007, Father Sebastion was re-assigned.   Father Arul Joseph Irudamoney, MSFX then became our pastor.   There are 124 Families registered in the parish.